“Skeptical User Gained 30 lbs in 12 Weeks!”

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Today I’m 160#, 7% body fat, 30 waist, 41 chest, 14.5 biceps, 22 thighs. I can’t tell anyone here anything you all don’t already know: the benefits of eating properly and working out intensely have done more for me inwardly and outwardly than I anticipated.

Within the last two months, however, as my transformation has provoked near-constant comments from men and women I know and even perfect strangers. not to mention the appreciation of my wife, especially when other women make no bones about commenting and touching me (that’s new!).

Oh lol and once a friend asked me what my goal was. I started giving him the stats and he said, ‘no, no, no. not that. I mean the deep-inside goal. What are you after?’ ‘Ah, that,’ I said. ‘I want every woman in the neighborhood to question her wedding vows and every man to question his sexual preference.’ He laughed but he knew what I meant lol.

Last night I mentioned to my wife that I’m going for more. ‘Why? You don’t need to gain any more weight.’ I just smiled and said, ‘I know. But I want to.’ “

They were unhappy with their bodies, so they decided to stop complaining and do something about it. They realized, as I did, that the only person responsible for your health and well-being is you.

“Gained 30 lbs So Far!”

“I would just like to say that I think your package is great. I have bought and read many manuals that claim to have all of these secrets to gaining mass muscle, but none of them worked, until I stumbled upon your web site.

“I have gained 30 pounds of muscle and like I said still gaining weight, so I’m sure I’ll reach my goal soon.

“The other day, I hung out with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and he asked me if I was a bodybuilder now. He kept saying he couldn’t believe that I had gotten so big, and to tell you the truth, neither can I.

‘I can honestly say that I’ve completed the first 12 weeks of your program with flying colors. With the effort I put into, and the results I’ve accomplished, I’m happy to say I’ve gained 30 pounds over the past 12 weeks.

Everything has increased. my bench, squats, you name it, I’ve put on more pounds. All my clothes are uncomfortably tight. Looks like I’ll have to go out and get a whole new wardrobe pretty soon. I get numerous compliments on what I’ve done.

And for everyone who didn’t think I could do it, I proved them wrong. They all thought I was wasting my time and money. Now the one’s who doubted me, are coming to me for advice! And I just respond with 2 words. “Anthony Ellis.” .

[This customer refused to believe that this program could help him, and continually argued with me before even beginning it.]

“Gained 27 lbs In 4 Weeks!”

“I finished my fourth week, I have gained 27lbs, this week I gained almost 6 lbs. I don’t know why people take steroids, they should use your routine, this is amazing.

“Unbelievable, I am not that 130lb skinny guy anymore, I am confident in myself. When I am walking on the streets 110% of women stare at me. I am not joking man, this is truth, I even use shorts already — something that I never used before.

“Anthony, I am changing, my body has changed incredibly, I feel healthier, I stopped smoking. In my first day I couldn’t do any dips, now I can do 9 in a row. My chest has increased 4.25″, my biceps 2″, my calves almost 2″, my upper thigh 2.73 inches.”

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