Robin and Zoro provides a special relationship while having arguably the new really in accordance of all of the Straw Hats

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Robin and additionally appears to be extremely centered on Luffy, as he is the just person just who she desires to get more powerful having. This shows exactly how higher this lady dedication to this lady head was after the Enies Lobby Arch.  Particularly Zoro, she employs Luffy’s choices whatever the outcomes, such as for example when he chose to mode an enthusiastic alliance with Law to adopt Emperor Kaidou. One other reason on her behalf great support so you can Luffy is that he ‘s the most individual that helped Robin look for the girl often to help you live. Amazingly sufficient, Robin has started a practice away from speaking about some one by names Luffy calls her or him by the, even though she clearly knows their correct brands.

Pursuing the timeskip, Robin is surprised of the Luffy’s electricity shortly after watching him overcome the new Kraken and you can viewing him fool around with Haoshoku Haki. Into the Dressrosa Arch, she hampered doll soldiers out of going after Luffy, when he would definitely face Doflamingo. Whenever she experienced Gladius, she very expressed this lady devotion to help you Luffy, stating that he was worthy of perishing to possess as the he could be usually new trump credit you to lead earn. Though Nekomamushi informed her that many good some one manage was to help you kidnap the woman in order to investigate poneglyphs, Robin seemed unconcerned and feels sure sufficient in her captain’s prospective.

Roronoa Zoro

Zoro is the one who stored out of the longest to your believing Robin, and you will bluntly informed her he didn’t once they have been made in order to synergy within the Southern Bird Have a look. On top of that, if you’re she made use of some tricks to get the newest faith of one’s most other Straw Caps (save for Sanji, which instantly top this lady due to the fact she is an attractive lady), she never ever tried to key him on the recognizing the lady. She and treated your differently than simply she did the other Straw Limits, dealing with him while the the lady equal plus impression safe enough to divulge a bit of info about the girl strange earlier in the day so you’re able to your.

Following the Arabasta Arch, whenever Robin got inserted this new staff, regardless of him 1st being careful of her, Zoro afterwards indicates that the guy cares for her as well, when he try willing to strive on her behalf whenever she’s in peril, such as catching the woman whenever she is actually attacked of the Enel and you can furiously assaulting him getting injuring this lady, and being the first one to cut off Aokiji’s attack as he threatened her. In addition, not just performed he struggle to keep the woman regarding Enies Lobby including the rest of this lady nearest and dearest, he had been the one who won a proper key you to unlocked the girl seastone handcuffs. He and works to help you the girl services close to Sanji whenever the woman is harassed of the a wireless Absalom.

On training off Ace’s dying, Robin was most amazed and you can turned significantly concerned about Luffy’s wellbeing

Robin herself are willing to cover him out-of any danger he could be when you look at the, eg catching your together with her Crawl Online immediately after he had been knocked extremely high on the heavens of the Oars, seriously seeking to conserve your from getting slain from the Kizaru, and you can stopping your of getting killed by drinking water tension whenever the guy planned to log off new ship on route into the Seafood-Guy Area. In reality, she generally seems to worry a great deal throughout the their well-are once the shown about Thriller Bark Arch. She got desired to see so badly about what taken place ranging from Zoro and you will Kuma one to she spends the girl vitality in order to eavesdrop to the Sanji’s conversation on the Risky Brothers with the really matter, and you will for example Sanji chooses to contain the specifics a key regarding Luffy. Into the group, Robin is just one of the Straw Hats (others getting Nami and you will Chopper) who observe more than Zoro, posting comments to help you your just how sentimental Bink’s Purpose were to her.

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